Alcohol Rehab

The Veterans Alcohol and Drug Dependence Rehabilitation Program provides medical, social, vocational, and rehabilitation therapies to eligible alcohol and drug dependent veterans. The programs offer various forms of treatment including detoxification, rehabilitation, and psychiatric care. Treatment programs are located in VA medical centers and clinics.

Eligible veterans are admitted to any of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) medical centers for the treatment of alcohol or drug dependence or associated medical conditions. If specialized care for the veteran's alcohol or drug dependence is required and not available at the admitting medical center, the veteran may be transferred to the nearest medical center which has these programs.

The DVA has approximately 94 alcohol dependence treatment programs (ADTP) and 42 drug dependence treatment programs (DDTP). Each ADTP and DDTP provides services that include intervention support activities, emergency medical services including detoxification, clinical and vocational assessment, consulting liaison, ambulatory/out-patient and after-care services.